Why do we need enough sleep? Benefits of Quality Sleep


People love to go around and wanted to stay awake to accommodate all the gimmicks and night life. However, our body needs enough sleep to have a balance and healthy lifestyle. In fact, one of the secrets of a happy life is to have enough sleep. What is exactly the meaning of enough sleep? We must bear in mind that humans have different number of hours needed for sleep. But, there is a standard number of hours to go to sleep during night time just to have a healthy body. You must have at least seven to eight hours of good night sleep to re-energize your body. Some health benefits of a good night sleep mentioned below:

  1. It improves your memory. Study shows that you have a better grasp and memory when you study or memorize something after a deep sleep. In fact, there is a research that studying immediately after a good night sleep, usually during dawn, is more retentive compared to other time of the day. So, when you want to study, be it a new language or your subject in class, do it after a good and deep sleep.
  1. You will live longer. One of the researches implies that a person with no enough sleep could have a shorter life and also a person with longer sleep also have the same effect. There was a study in the year 2010 among women ages from 50 to 79 showed that more death of those who have sleep less than 5 hours in a day and also those who sleep more than 8 hours in a day. So, too little and too much is bad for our health.
  1. You will have a better health. Study shows that those who have no enough sleep are more prone to sickness. The research proves that sleeping less than 5 hours in a night would lead to diabetes, heart desease, heart attack and even obesity. It does not to be understood that having enough sleep would immune you from deseases. You have have to consider also other factors.
  1. Improve sex life. It is logical to say that when you have no enough sleep, you are also tired of making love to your partner. A research conducted by Sleep Research Foundation showed that when you have no enough sleep your testosterone level is also low. Hence, you have no enough desire to do it. So, you have to get a good sleep to have a better sex life.
  1. Sleep can lower pain. If you are suffering from chronic pain, you will reduce it by sleeping. Having enough sleep will reduce chronic pain. Unfortunately, chronic pain results to harder in getting enough sleep. So, you might as well get some pain reliever just to get a good night sleep.
  1. It gives you a better mood. Try to observe when you have enough sleep with no enough sleep. Surely, your mood is really different when you have a better sleep. You are happier when you have a good sleep.
  1. You will have better weight control. You cravings is stimulated when you have no enough sleep. In fact, you will eat more when you are awake. You will have a real reason to eat when you have no enough sleep because your body craves for food to accommodate your tired body. So, to refuel your body from lack of sleep, you will tend to eat more.
  1. You will improve clear thinking. Sleep loss will affect your thinking. It will ruin your thinking due to disturbed cognition. If you have disturbed cognition, you have less attention and lesser judgment. If you have lesser judgment, it will affect your decision making.
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