Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

I am pretty sure that you have already heard that you need to drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. However, drinking more than eight glasses of water in a day could be more beneficial to human health. I will give some reasons why we should drink more than eight glasses of […]

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Benefits of Kalabo Plant (Origanum vulgare)

Kalabo plant is also called as Oregano. It is very popular as flavor herb in Eurasia, Spanish and Mediterranean cooking. It also popular as herbal plant as it is used as cure to several sickness, such as asthma, cough, and fever. The plant has a menthol aroma. Its aroma could be the reason that it […]


Benefits of Bitter Melon (Ampalaya)

Ampalaya or Bitter Melon has a lot of benefits. Its scientific name is momordica charanti. This is a plant and categorised as fruit as the same has seeds inside. You can find this in Asia, South America and some parts of Africa. Usually, this is used as natural herb to cure diabetes and other sickness. […]

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Therapeutic Value of Lagundi (Vitex negundo)

The plant Lagundi can be used as cure for rheumatism, cough, asthma, and fever. This plant is small shrub that can grow up two to three meters tall. The leaves of this plant is green and small and it is subdivided into 5. The opposite portion of the leaves has tiny small feathers. Lagundi will […]

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Healthy Foods for Hypertensive Patient

Common sickness of an adult now is hypertension. Becoming sick with hypertension could be your greatest fear. A lot of people you have heard that this kind of health problem may cause stroke that can lead harmful to your body. It may even cause death. In order to avoid hypertension, you have to stay healthy […]

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10 Ways to Getting Weight Loss without Exercise

There are many ways of losing weight but what I am going to mention about is getting to lose weight without exercise. Exercise could be the toughest way to lose weight because this will consume your energy or maybe you are already exhausted from work and have no time to exercise. You don’t also like […]

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Benefits of Gabon or Sambong

Gabon in Cebuano and Sambong in Tagalog has given a lot of benefits to human sickness. Its scientific name is Blumea Balsamifera. This can be found anywhere in the Philippines. In fact, some places consider this as a weed. Some people will just cut it down and garbage them. This will grow in height at […]

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Great Healthy Soup (Moringa)

One of the typical Filipino Food is Soup with moringa. Moringa as I mentioned in my previous article would give you great benefits for your body health. In fact, it contains vitamin C seven times than oranges, four times the calcium in milk, four times the vitamin A in carrots, two times the protein in […]

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Benefits of Malunggay (Moringa)

Malunggay is very popular among Filipinos. This is equally popular to banana and guava in the fruit category, while Malunggay or Moringa is popular in the vegetable category. This vegetable is very known because it can be found anywhere in the Philippines. A fish and a few leaves of Moringa together with some spices, a […]

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Why Mama Lola’s Chayote Pickles?

We made it sure that all ingredients included in Mama Lola’s  pickles are healthy for the consumers.  It includes chayote which is known for being a cure to hypertension and good for the heart; carrot which is also renowned for being a treat against cancer, rich in vitamin A thus good for your eyes; ginger […]

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