Healthy Foods for Hypertensive Patient

Common sickness of an adult now is hypertension. Becoming sick with hypertension could be your greatest fear. A lot of people you have heard that this kind of health problem may cause stroke that can lead harmful to your body. It may even cause death. In order to avoid hypertension, you have to stay healthy and a discipline lifestyle. Stressful life could lead to this sickness or overweight body could also cause hypertension. So, to protect yourself you have stay fit and have a healthy diet. The following food are good for you to prevent from being sick with hypertension or if you are now suffering from such sickness, these foods are also good to control your hypertension.

018_fd_4500x2935_all-free-download.comLow-fat Milk – if you are fond of drinking milk, better switch to a low-fat milk. One of the low-fat milk in the market is skim milk. Skim milk is good for those people who are on-diet or who are suffering from hypertension. This milk has lower fat content by 70 calories. Besides, low-fat milk contains more calcium which plays and important role in lowering blood pressure. Further, calcium help you lose weight and if you lose weight your pressure also will go low. Furthermore, milk contains vitamin D which helps to regulate your blood pressure.

green_vegetables_and_highdefinition_images1Leafy Green – There are a lot of green leafy vegetables to chose from. The most common in the Philippines is Moringa. There are also green leafy vegetables common to other countries such as, lettuce or may be spinach. This food is really good because of the vitamins and minerals that contain in them. Besides, green leafy veggies are full of phytochemicals that will fight against ageing and bacteria that can cause sickness to human. Since, green leafy veggies are full of vitamins and minerals, it is also full of calcium and potassium that helps manage blood pressure level.

sunflowers_seeds_sunflower_seedSunflower seeds- The sunflower seeds maybe of great snacks. Aside from being a great snack such seeds give a lot of benefit to human body especially for people who suffered hypertension. It is very much nutritious as the food is full of magnesium. However, when you buy sunflower seeds be sure that it is unsalted. We must bear in mind that we need to lower our consumption of sodium because it can trigger your blood pressure level.

32Beans – There are a lot of beans available in the market. It could be black beans, white beans, soybeans, and many more. Beans could be the best mix for any food. If you like eating beans, you could have the best habit of eating them because it contain soluble fiber, magnesium, and potassium that can help to lower blood pressure.

potatoesPotato – White potato and sweet potato are best for snacks. The content of which are potassium and magnesium. These are very vital nutrients for human health because these will help to get rid of excess sodium. As we know, if you are fond of eating too much sodium this can cause hypertension. So, to regulate your sodium in the body add potato in your diet.

bananaBanana – Banana is very popular that it contains potassium and vitamin B6. It also contain vitamin C. We know also that consuming potassium in our diet could help to regulate our blood pressure. So, eating banana often could be of great help to maintain your body healthy.


Dark Chocolate – Maybe you are happy in reading this article because it says that dark chocolate could be of help to lower blood pressure level. However, we must remember that eating too much chocolate could also harmful to our body. Study shows that in order to make dark chocolate helpful to lower blood pressure you must eat only 30 calories in a day. Chocolate contains too much calories, so, be sure to eat dark chocolate in a moderate manner.

There are still a lot of foods in the market or maybe from your garden that is best food to help lower your blood pressure level. I only mentioned seven. One thing for sure that you need to eat if you have high blood pressure are foods with nutrient-rich and low-sodium. So, if you like to eat junk foods or those foods with high sodium content, it is better to change your diet in-take.

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